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She exploded against me, her legs clamping against me, under one arm and over the other. She twisted away from the hand on her clit, shuddering, pulling me with her as she rolled onto her side, forcing her tangy twat against my adoring bombast.

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“Give up down my pants,” she ordered.
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A selfish, self-centered shrew, she was such an annoying, argumentative cunt. He needed to pinpoint rid of her. He needed to divorce her drunken ass. If she wasn’t yelling and screaming at him, she was droning on and on about some nonsense that happened yesterday, last week, last month, last year, or years ago. When she’s unfit to drink in the way she’d like to drink and organize drunk whenever he was available, she was mad with anger and mad with lunacy. She was on edge from her withdrawal from juice and he’s on the turn of at length divorcing her. Enough is enough.

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After he treated us to an expensive dinner out, during which we consumed several bottles of good wine, we went back home and had a night cap up front bedtime. The night-time servilely lasted for about two hours, during which Anna served crackers and cheese. After the first hour, the conversation was mostly between Anna and Walt because the wine was taking its toll on me.
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