What had I just done?

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I smiled and said, “If we upkeep up at this pace, I may not make it.”
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I took him into the living elbow-room and said to Joe, “Look who’s here.”
It wasn’t long before Monday arrived again and she was back at her desk. James arrived soon after her, giving her a big smile.
“I ground something I might like to do…”
Her ex watches as the confrere’s hands caress her all once again. She forgets about him sitting there, and her lust overtakes her. Quickly the tee is torn free from her exposing her large breasts, and he kisses his way to them until he’s sucking her nipples. His authority reaches behind her moaning body grabbing the torn backside of her panties, and tears them sizeable unregulated.
“Oh Santa please, humour pick me. I augur I’ll be the best wife ever and I’ll swallow all of your cum,” the blonde said with a adorable smile on her give out at the man she desired. However Isabella wasn’t going to let herself get shown up against Santa’s love. She sat on his knee across from Scarlett so she could persuade Santa directly.
I smiled and said, “If we upkeep up at this pace, I may not make it.”
“Well she hasn’t. As till as I know, she doesn’t even know what cuckolding is yet. It wishes take a while to work up to this.”
What had I just done?
There were only eight small cells with sleeping mats, each with chains and neck collars attached to a fold up nearby. One chamber pot was the only other things in the cells. Each had what looked to be a thick lorgnette window, maybe Plexiglas, so the prisoners could be watched inside. I surmised they were perhaps kept nude. I was shivering again. I suddenly had a flash of that day in the commons a number of years earlier, quickly pushing the thought away.
Each opportunity I gave the same answer “Of course.”