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Definitely the formal function was over and the host got up on the stratum and announced that there was successful to be a strip contest for any women interested. He announced that the first prize would be ten thousand dollars. We noticed a two of the women go up to the host and after discussing disappear in the verdant room. Vijaya whispered to me that she wanted to enter the contest; she was charged after visiting the nude beach, I believed. Her self-reliance level had gone up. I didn’t mind as she already got stripped in the beach that day and it’s being a foreign country nothing to get nervous about. Nothing could a halt her to become desperate. As she walked away from our table; I found all the eyes to follow her. She was looking gorgeous in her sari. I touch this would be a shades of night to remember.

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The pudgy man in his impressive costume tapped the microphone to come him, resulting in a muffled thumping sound that echoed through the ceiling speakers. “Can you hear me?” he asked, which resulted in more than a few chuckles and one or two hollered responses from the room.
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“Oh, yeah. They hunger they could have me like this. I let a guy air me up tonight at the club; his strong hands felt good under my skirt,” she panted.

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“Take off the top,” Gray said.
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