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“But I am!” laughed Steve. “I just chase pussy to keep up appearances. I’m thinking of divorcing you and farming myself out as a cumslut in San Francisco.” Steve said this with a big grin, reaching down to cup Deana’s mons and dip his finger into her vagina. He brought the digit, covered in a merger of sundry men’s semen up and smeared it on Deana’s lips like shine veil, then kissed his wife hungrily again. Deana felt Steve’s cock twitch against her thigh and marveled at how her husband could be getting spirituous yet again so soon after orgasm.

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“That was so fun!” she said loudly as they pulled away.
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“Finish your drink,” he replied with just enough gruffness that Kat meditation they were through. She started ratiocinative about the biography she was going to tell Sam.

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Jack slowed down when he saw her approach. Helena had expected him to sound triumphant, maybe even sarcastic as she, defeated, returned. To her surprise his voice voice was sincere, and the look he gave her was frank and straight-forward.
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