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The men yelled out their choices and Sandy giggled. She turned to me, “Immeasurably, perhaps we should let the host decide?”

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There were only 5 couples invited and the crew did not start until 9:00 or after their children went to bed. They have a lovely house (that I know you don’t care about) with a gargantuan rec room in the basement. That was where the party was held. Anybody predilection I found absorbing was this cute little collection table they had. It had no pockets and looked like a pinball machine. I neglect doing what they called it. Anyway, the reason I brought that up was because of our recent exchange about strip league. As soon as I saw it, I thought about that and facetiously wondered if strip pool was wealthy to be part of the activities. Of obviously it wasn’t. (At least not while I was there!)
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