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The clerk looked me over, dryly and snorted. “Yes, I just heard all up it. Ma’am, while you are an important guest, and I recognize you drink our hotel regularly, please don’t involve others in your… parties?” She was being somewhat hard-hearted, and I postulate she was not happy with the earful she must’ve just gotten. She made the new frequency and slid it across the desk. “If you need some special… notice,” she was being precarious, but unruffled direct, “I’m certain the concierge can facilitate you. Have a complicated evening.”

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“Nurse fucker!” she yelled.
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She lifted her right shoe to just an inch of my face and told me to take off her shoe. Mistress knows I deliver a huge foot fetish and uses her feet to coax and please me, but this was the first time she asked me to quarter her shoe off after work. My mind raced wondering what she had in store. I took at leisure her shoe and she placed her sock right on my nose, and then she said,

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Torturing himself by thinking of all the dirty and blue sexual details they were doing behind closed doors, he wondered if Ruth allowed Chris and all of her men to feel and fondle her breasts while fingering and sucking her nipples. No doubt, she does. Of course she does. Why wouldn’t she contradict them feeling and fondling her breasts while fingering and sucking her nipples in the way she denies him feeling and fondling her breasts while fingering and sucking her nipples? She’s proud of her breasts. She loves her big, shapely breasts.
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