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We sat down and Jing offered cocktails. Sam asked looking for a scotch on the rocks and Ke Wen asked for a Campari and soda, which Jing had. Jing said she would have a gin and tonic and looked at me and Elaine. Elaine and I don’t drink very much, but since everyone was having a drink, I asked on a gin and tonic also. Elaine asked representing a Kahlua and milk. Over our cocktails we sat and talked in Jing’s living room. It started with polite talk, like what we had done over the recent Zhong Qui Jie (Mid-Autumn Festival) and how many moon cakes we had eaten and what type they had been. The favorite mass our group seemed to be the red bean type. Then it moved to world events and the recent trip by the Chinese president to the USA and what affect that strength have on Singapore, if any. Sam had another scotch, and much to my hit, Elaine had another Kahlua. Well, I thought, it’s just Kahlua, nothing to get too worried about. We moved on to the failing health of the Thai King and what will happen in that country when he eventually dies and then whether or not Japan should be allowed to rebuild their army now that China was growing more and more in strength. A strong Japanese army would earn everyone in Singapore nervous — we did not forget our history. For an American Caucasian, Sam was very well versed on Asian information and current events. He seemed to know much more thither Thailand than I did, but then I learned that he had travelled there extensively on organization in late years, and he had lived two years in China long ago.

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“Okay,” she nodded with a pout “I’m going to have to dispose of this the ole fashioned way.”
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