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The involvement smoothed the flesh ’round, pushing the muscles of her glutes in front of moving up under her blouse and long jacket that had ridden up in the exertion. He moved along her quill massaging the knots, cricks, and twitches out of a dozen muscles on its way up to her shoulders; making circles of transit and pinching grips of tissue all the way up. With every pinch and squeeze of the hand she felt the tensions and gall that had entrenched themselves in her spine mollify away like roasting wax to a flame! All that remained for the treatment of her was the sensation of the caresses, the politic of their breathing, and the sound her own mewing as another little affix or crick would melt away under his dash!

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He was sucking on it. Biting. His tongue was playing with it, whirling around it – it did everything at once and without the sucking stopping for a second. His mouth had not only engulfed the nipple but also her entire areola and a piece of the surrounding breast. Helena winced when his teeth bit down into her squashy flesh and a whimper came from her uncovered mouth, but she did not pull away. She would obtain been unfit to the score with if she wanted.
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