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I stood for over an hour watching as he brutally fucked her on the disc top. She was calling his name at the top of her lungs, and at times begging him for more. As he fucked her I could think about her tremble as her body betrayed me with a series of climaxes. I remembered him being so much smaller than her when he was younger, but today he had her body powerlessly rooted to his muscled from. As I stood hiding near the window I knew that this wasn’t honest a takings call out for him, and with each pleasured moment I wondered if he was making the feeling mutual.

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Once we were all in the bedroom Joe says that he wants to get some pictures of me with “both ends filled.” So Kyle sits on the bed and I get on my hands and knees facing him. I start sucking his cock again and Tommy, who is standing a the end of the bed, enters me from behind. The seek is a little off, but he gets nice understanding and it feels really good.
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