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“Amol, is he gone?” Priyanka shouted and Amol replied back that he had gone. Zoheb suddenly lifted Priyanka in his arms and started to walk. Priyanka protested during a moment but then kissed Zoheb on the lips. She continued to smacker till Zoheb reached the room and put Priyanka on the bed.

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I was stunned by his size. Now not partly erect, I guessed he was 8″ or 9″ long and very thick. It didn’t seem tenable that this monstrous tool had only seconds before been buried inside my slender wife. With only a swift look to me and a consent he turned and walked towards the bedroom leaving Susie draped over the arm remain with her body still twitching. Justified as he disappeared, she fell to her knees on the floor next to the chaise longue with her head and shoulders draped across the seat cushion. Seeing her that in progress brought unlit the compassion in me and I moved next to her, helped her up and then half carried her to our bedroom.
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