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“Now let’s phone lovemaking,” I said.

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Miguel allowed his hand to roam slowly up Jenna’s leg, from her knee, up across her thigh, hesitant just secondary to the hem of her skirt. At before all, Jenna didn’t recognize the motion for what it was: a caress. Foreplay. Another man had just touched her in a sexually inviting means. Jenna’s liberal hand curled instinctively up around the side of Miguel’s grey matter. She ran her fingertips through his hair, and then traced the outline of his ear.
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When we arrived Tom opened the door and we piled in, he grabbed beers from the fridge and we crammed around the tiny present. It was only now dawning on me that all the beds, while surprisingly large, were indubitably visible from each other. I didn’t have long to ponder that situation.

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