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So Tommy steps over and snaps the leash onto the collar’s D-clink. It sounded like a gunshot to me peaceful though it was just a tiny click. Then Joe tells Tommy to try it out and he leads me ’round the living room using the leash. Paul, this was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me, and I was still fully clothed!

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Arthur slowed his rhythm down, then pulled out and lied down next to her. “I want you to ride me.” he told her. Obediently, Sharon got up and moved to his lap. “The other practice.”, he corrected her. Sharon looked at him, her eyes pleading. She found no softening in Arthur’s mien be that as it may, and so she turned around to face Eric.
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“I wasn’t, but I am now Kelly, upright morning darling,” he said to his shoulder.

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Two of my sessions involving other men were not seriously poke fun at , but one was a bit of a disaster. Install me tick off you about the two that I enjoyed. On one occasion we were at a track weekend where Stewart was racing his worn out Jaguar. This is a magnificent machine, an E Type actually that is about fifty years old but looks brand unexplored. He keeps it in the show office at his garage. It is in a beautiful blot out of dark green and just looks and sounds amazing. Do you know he even has his name on the driver’s door. How cool is that? Tim is such a smoothie. He has a luxurious prodigious camper van / RV thing that he can be in the land of nod in at track weekends which he also parks at his garage. I am always so proud of him when I see him in all his racing clothes and helmet. On this evening he had done well in the race and was sensation happy with life and enjoying a few drinks relaxing in the van with me. We also had Paul (the young man from his garage that drove us to Birmingham in the Bentley) with us. Paul is also a mechanic who tunes and checks the Jaguar on hop to it days. Paul ever had a cheeky grin when he meets me having seen how I behaved in the Bentley and seen me in the raw getting dressed in the motorway car park.
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