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“You couldn’t afford me,” she told him.

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Placing both hands on her shoulders Ben gently pushed Dawn down to a kneeling position. Frank wasted no time in moving in front of my kneeling wife. By now Dawn had been trained to know what to do when kneeling before a man. No words were spoken as she raised her petite hand up to deploy his pants zipper down. Frank loosened his belt letting his pants fall to a sea and Dawn helped disturb the material away as it pooled at his feet. Standing there in shirt, underwear and socks Frank stared down at the kneeling attraction. Daybreak reached her hands out again and proceeded to support his boxers down his hairy thighs. Start was soundless facing me so I could not see Frank’s cock. I watched her appear before as his prick came into sight to see her reaction. I was surprised she didn’t show any real compensation and waited.
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