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She pulled up her shirt and probed her rib. It hurt, but not as bad as her wrist. The amazing thing was that the potatoes did not appear to have done any not joking damage to her. She inspected the countertop and base the nonetheless thing couldn’t be said for the sake it. There was a hairline break in the two inch thick granite from the front sharpness all the way to the back from the make of the blow it had absorbed.

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“It’s been a long nevertheless, John. Long enough that we can do this right. And the girls are doing well.” She tapped her wine glass. “Neither of us is living, anymore. In a second, those children will be old enough to understand what that means, and they’ll start to consider what it says about us.” She tipped the glass back, pouring the wine down her throat. “Don’t you yearning to show them what it means for an full-grown to be happy?”
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