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Her whole body trembled lightly as she lifted her face. “I haven’t…I mean, I…I haven’t been cooperating like I said I would,” she hurried through her explanation. “I said I would do everything you say, and I would try to take why you want me to. But I haven’t been doing that. I haven’t been doing my most excellently. That’s why I should be punished. So you know that instanter I actually will be doing my best to make you happy. So you won’t be mad anymore. So we can go disavow to being married again. So we can go back to being happy…”

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When the day was fading, we decided to pack it up and go back to Troy and Sue’s pension extent. They were staying stingy downtown at the Red Lion on Hayden Island. We were not prospering to stay but were going to drive back to our prostitution on the run aground. We went to their room to shower and get something to have a bite.
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