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In her life she had sucked some cocks uniquely that of her quiet, who was now sat at home waiting to understand if his pulchritudinous bride had saved the day, she was, and indeed had. But Mr Lake’s cock tasted particular to any she could remember, it was a taste she liked. The smooth skin, the lumpy veins under it, the hardness of his muscle, blood filled cock, the velvet head as it moved in her oversexed sucking inlet, it drove her onwards and upwards.

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A long soak in the bath with a glass of wine helped quiet down her, the warm bubbles coating her smooth substance, caressing her as she sipped the wine causing an all over glow. She looked at her pussy, her hair was always kept quite adroit but she started wondering what Stan would have in mind of it, she decided to shave and shaper her pubic hair into a thin strip, that would look better in the new tiny set of two of panties she had trendy.
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